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Apr 28, 2017

In this episode! Jim Reed is joined once again by Adam Stuart and ... Matt McHale drops by again! 

They review three board games. Railroad Revolution from What's Your Game?, Dastardly Dirigibles from Fireside Games, and Roll Player from Thunderworks Games!

In the news, Everything Epic - releasing a Big Trouble In Little China co-operative adventure game, Munchkin gets the X-men treatment, Scythe expansion coming, Plaid Hat Games announces a new two player card combat game, and we also talk True Dungeon and PAX Prime.

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Apr 18, 2017

Jim and Jeff discuss and review topics from the land of pop culture including movies, television, table top gaming, video games, and more!

What's Poppin'? - So much happening! We talk a bit about some conventions we've attended, Jim reviews the Iron Fist Netflix series as gives his thoughts on the Legion FX series. Jeff reviews the Power Rangers movie and they both talk some gaming with Mass Effect:Andromeda and Resident Evil:Biohazard. We talk about a great independent comic publisher Source Point Press and then we review the board game Orcs Must Die from Peterson Games!

Trailerpalooza - Three new trailers landed! Justice League, Thor : Ragnarok, and IT! We give our thoughts and impressions.

News - Joss Whedon to DCEU, Mega Man cartoon, Rouge One blueray controversy, New Batman:Metal comic, Invader Zim, Invincible movie, and much more!

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Apr 8, 2017



Jim is joined by some incredible guest in this fun filled and flowing episode! Adam Stuart and Arthur Clausen, two beer connoisseurs guest host. The three of them go over their list of their top 5 beers. but that's not all. Jim hasn't tried too many ipas, stouts, sours, or porters, so in the episode they will also be doing some live taste testing. If you're a beer aficionado or just a fan of fun podcast, this one is entertaning and informative like no other episode!


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Apr 2, 2017

In this episode , we review a bunch of games! Terraforming Mars from Stronghold Games, Adrenaline from CGE, Raise Your Goblets from CMON, and V-Commandos from Triton Noir. We also touch on The Colonists, Marvel Heroes, Road Kill Rally, Glass Road, and Black Orchestra!

We talk some about our experience with the first ever ConnClave Gaming Convention in Danbury, CT and we also hit on the topics of gamer burn out and pod fading!

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