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Feb 19, 2017

In this episode talk about a bunch of new shows including the new FX/Marvel show Legion, NBC's The Good Place, and Fox's APB! Jim talks about playing ARK : Survival Evolved, and Jeff finally tries FFXV. We also give our thoughts on the upcoming Netfilx series Iron Fist, as well as Stranger Things 2.

We discuss the trailer for Colossal, and we talk about all the issues surrounding the new Batman solo movie. In the news we cover the new Castlevania animated series, Kevin Smith's plan for a Jay and Silent Bob sequel and a BBC show based on Spawn's Sam and Twitch, and as always...much,much,more!

Jim also gives his thoughts on the new Batman Lego Movie!


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Feb 11, 2017

Join your host, 12 year old Avory Reed and her co-host, her dad, Jim Reed in this fantastic second episode! They review two board games : Agricola Family Edition from Mayfair games and The Big Book of Madness from iello games! Also, they discuss theme in board games and how important of a roll does it play when it comes to a kids point of view. It's awesomesauce to the max so don't miss out!

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